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Campus Manager’s New Year’s promises

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2.1.2014 10:31

Past four months, since I started working in this new role as Mediapolis Campus Manager, have been amazing. I have enjoyed every moment being part of this Technopolis’ newest campus in Tampere. In Mediapolis we have had renovations, co-operation meetings, planning, happenings and visitors from different sites, both domestic and foreign. Now we are at the beginning of the New Year and I have promised to list some of my new year’s promises. So, here we go.

First promise is that Mediapolis lobby welcomes all our customers and visitors with its new look. Lobby premises will be ready after renovation in the beginning of 2014; also two new meeting rooms will be opened. Lobby’s brand new furniture will offer places for team work, meetings & networking as well as privacy to make calls. In April we will open the cafeteria in the lobby. Fresh lunch salad, coffee & tea and glass of wine will then be available.

My second promise is that Mediapolis customer service agents will offer you five star customer experiences; they will guide and advice you. They know all the habits, places and happenings inside the campus.

Third promise is that there will be happenings in the future, too! In January Mediapolis will be featured in Ice Live Business Forum by me and my colleague Jan Kolkkinen. In February we will have Valentine’s Day Business Breakfast – and all of you, who are interested in Mediapolis, are warmly welcome! Other incoming happenings can be found from our website

With these promises we will first face spring and then look forward to autumn when schools and other customers will move in after all renovations are done. Personally I feel happy and privileged to work towards achieving Mediapolis objectives as being an internationally significant media campus, where the creative industry and technology will be combined.

Br, Saara Eskola

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