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Mediapolis & University Meetup Delivered New Ideas

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15.1.2014 10:03

What can theatre & drama research and computer-human interaction units possibly have in common? Plenty, if you witnessed what we did at the first Mediapolis & University meetup on 13.1.2014.

In addition to Technopolis, Yle and Mediapolis representatives, the meetup gathered participants from University of Tampere (UTA), Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK). TAMK’s media studies will move to Mediapolis in autumn 2014, but also TUT and UTA will play an important role in different projects. Everyone knows of TUT and UTA in general, but did you know that TUT accommodates for example Entertainment and Media Management Laboratory, or that UTA has its own unit for Computer-Human Interaction?

Indeed. Not that obvious at all. And that’s why we organized this meetup in the first place.

Primary goal of the day was simply get to know what others do and how could we find some kind of professional junction with each other. It was also refreshing to notice that there were lots of new acquaintances present and not just the usual crowd you meet anyway in a daily basis. It’s good to learn what really happens in different university units in Tampere.

jan_lasse_smallDream big!

The meetup started with Jan Kolkkinen introducing the day’s agenda and Lasse Paananen telling about the future plans of Mediapolis and its surroundings. Then it was time for 7 minute ”elevator pitches”. Each unit introduced themselves by telling who they are, what they do and what’s the ”beef” in a nutshell. All in all, lots of new information to digest.

After spending some time in an elevator we moved into fantasy football… well not really, but face to face meetings, which were arranged a bit like pools of a football tournament. One meeting lasted for 10 minutes, during which the parties had to come up with a potential project together. ”Dream big!” was the general advice for the short meetings by Jan Kolkkinen. After 10 minutes of intensive brainstorming it was time to move on to the next table with a new person and new idea.

…and big they dreamed! As an answer to the first question in the beginning of this article: they have now a mutual project idea in common. Theatre & drama research (T7) and computer-human interaction unit (TAUCHI) came up with a concept of ”Experience Environment for Nursing”.

yleis6_smallOther concept ideas of the day were 3D environment for simulator development, Healthy Exercise (Kauppi), Economy of ICT & eMedia design, System level 3D Content course/workshop, Open learning environment for media companies and students, Plenoptic content production for mixed reality, Smart Media / Intelligent Media course/WS, Game scripting as a course, 3D content demos, Public co-creation by networked minds, Media production human aspect – media aspects, Performance Capture Studio, Exclusive e-media art program and High quality data driven journalism co-creation lab.

Wow. Lots of new ideas to implement and start working on! This meetup was first of hopefully many successful meetups within Mediapolis and universities in Tampere. Dream big, aim high!

Text & photos: Essi Kannelkoski, Communications Designer

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