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Production services

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Mediapolis companies offer full-service productions and complementary subcontracting.

The largest and oldest player at Mediapolis is the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle, which provides both design and implementation services. In addition to Yle, Mediapolis is home to a number of other companies offering either entire productions from conception to implementation or individual top-class components, such as lighting, filming, props or web streaming.

On the whole, there are about thirty companies operating at Mediapolis and about a dozen of these offer production services. In addition to these, Mediapolis companies offer complementary services, such as catering, equipment maintenance and communication services. See:

It is in the customer’s best interests to have access to all services under one roof, or at least within the Mediapolis partner network, including both companies and experienced freelancers operating in the relevant fields.



Aito Media Ltd
A production company established in 2003, which has created more than 40 television series for Finnish and international distribution. The company produces more than 100 hours of programming every year. Aito Media Ltd: (Finland) and (international).

Ilkka Rahkonen
+358 40 860 3816


Ilvis Media Suomi
A communication, TV and video production company creating media productions, TV programmes and documentaries, corporate and online videos, and event recordings. Ilvis Media also carries out comprehensive design and production of study materials. All services are also available in Swedish. In addition, the company provides translation and proofreading services (Finnish–Swedish & English–Swedish) and produces all types of texts in Swedish for various publications. Its sister company Ilvis Media is based in Stockholm.

Leena Gröndahl
+358 50 554 3389


M&V Sports Communication Oy

Tuukka Vainikka
+358 50 9180 000


Parrikaadi Productions
A film, video and television production company with specialised competence in sports productions. Parrikaadi Productions:

Joonas Lehtinen
+358 40 867 4946


Rakka Creative Oy
Media design, consultancy and productions, transmedia and future storytelling, combining technology and storytelling, pedagogical design, educational games. Rakka Creative Oy:

Ilmari Huttu-Hiltunen, CEO
+358 44 017 1711


Rekvisiittapaja Hallittu Kaaos
A props workshop specialising in props design and production, as well as silver and leather goods production. Props for television and theatre as well as for the general public. The company also provides property master and AV management services.  Rekvisiittapaja Hallittu Kaaos:

Mervi Viitajylhä
+358 43 2002 820


Production Factory Sulkanen Ltd
The company offers television and radio content production, live video and audio production for all platforms, as well as producer’s and director’s services. Innovation, design, supervision and management of productions and staff subcontracting. TUOTANTOTEHDAS, Production Factory:

Esa Sulkanen
+358 400 732 060


Yle Tampere production services:

Make-up, costumes
Eijariitta Alhainen
+358 400 803 620

Props, staging, set design
Matti Seppä
+358 400 623 347

Design (set, costume and graphic design)
Hanna Jussila
+358 40 736 7658

Read more about Yle’s production services (in Finnish):

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