Make it happen at Mediapolis

Mediapolis is a cluster of media, storytelling and digital industries. Service providers include major established players in the sector, but also new and small businesses, as well as students constantly in search of something new. Mediapolis offers plenty to choose from:

  • Mediapolis offers studios and filming facilities, full-service productions, individual production services and complementary services for productions.
  • Mediapolis provides higher education and upper secondary vocational education and training in media, which makes it possible to combine the interests of businesses and schools and to create new kinds of projects.
  • Mediapolis is a venue for events and functions, parties and meetings. Mediapolis has a wide variety of facilities, suitable both for private functions and public events, including different catering options.
  • Today, Mediapolis is also home to several companies and other organisations. In other words, our offering also covers office facilities in an innovative and modern environment.