Mediapolis offers studios suitable for various production needs. The studios are known for their comprehensive production resources. All services required for productions are located under one roof with an effective working environment for production crews, performers and audiences.


Fully equipped broadcasting-grade studios

The Mediapolis Studios of the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle) provide modern production facilities with state-of-the-art equipment to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding productions. Mediapolis production technology is built around Riedel’s MediorNet networking system. The necessary configuration can be made up from various control stations. Tungsten lights, telescopes, point hoists and 360-degree curtains (black, white) can be used to build a fully equipped studio, which can make use of all Mediapolis’ technological resources and production services.

Floor 1                                                       Floor 2
Square meters: 432m²                                   Square meters: 342m²
Width: 24 m                                                    Width: 19 m
Length: 18 m                                                   Length: 18 m
Floor plan                                                        Floor plan

Reservations and availability inquiries:
Gitte Ukkola
+358 (0)40 580 0048


A unique production environment where you can create vibrant virtual environments using state-of-the-art virtual set and filming technologies. Suitable for multi-camera productions, live broadcasts or as a pure green screen studio.

XR Studio 
Square meters: 88m²
Width: 10 m
Length: 8.8 m
Floor plan

Reservations and availability inquiries:
Gitte Ukkola
+358 (0)40 580 0048


Factory Hall covers 1500m² where approximately 1200m² is available for the productions. There’s a fixed truss on the ceiling and tailored air conditioning for studios. Fully equipped wardrobe, make-up studio, foyer and a lot of well-lighted office space are located right next to the Factory Hall.

The production technology of Mediapolis is built around Riedel’s MediorNet networking system which is available also in the Factory Hall.

Square meters: 1200 m²
Width: 26 m
Length: 54,5 m
Height (free): 10 m
Floor plan

Reservations and availability inquiries:
Aku Syrjä
Oy Aku´s Factory Ltd
+358 44 782 2200



Lightly equipped teaching studio

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This teaching studio enables you to implement various studio productions, music videos or commercials.
It is also a good option as a rehearsal space for large productions.

TAMK Studio 
Square meters: 133,3m²
Width: 10.1 m
Length: 13,2 m
Height: 4 m

Reservations and availability inquiries:
Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK)
Ari Koivumäki
+358 50 590 9312


Small-scale productions and photography

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Located in the midst of Mediapolis services, this small and efficient production facility is suitable for
small-scale productions, photography, web productions and as a rehearsal space. The space is unequipped.

TAMK Studio Stage 
Square Meters: 56m²
Width: 8 m
Length: 7 m
Height: 5 m

Reservations and availability enquiries:

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK)
Ari Koivumäki
+358 50 590 9312


Student collaboration

TAMK’s six different sound studios and editing stations are available in connection with student projects.

Project inquiries:
Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK)
Ari Koivumäki
+358 50 590 9312


Teaching studio with standard equipment

A functional, efficient and versatile production facility. With its own greenroom, social facilities and outdoor exit, the studio lends itself to a wide variety of uses.
United Studios
Square meters: 198m²
Height (free) from the floor to truss: 4,6 m

Reservations and availability inquiries:
Tampere Vocational College (Tredu)
Juha Pitkänen
+358 50 4334 840

The teaching studios have the best availability during holiday seasons as well as in the evenings and at weekends.