Production services

Professionalism, efficiency and flexibility

The companies in Mediapolis offer robust and full service productions as well as complementary subcontracting.

The biggest and oldest actor in Mediapolis is public service broadcasting company Yle which offers you both productions and design. In addition to Yle there are plenty of other companies in Mediapolis who are able to offer you whole production from the idea to completed production. One can also quote for just one part of the production, for example top-class lightning, shooting, properties or web streaming.

In addition the companies in Mediapolis offer complimentary services such as catering, maintenance and communications.


Tuotantotehdas Sulkanen Oy

Television and radio content production, live video and audio production for all platforms, as well as producer’s and director’s services. Innovation, design, supervision and management of productions and staff subcontracting. We are storytelling professionals.  Production Factory:

Esa Sulkanen
+358 400 732 060

The Production Services of Yle Tampere

Make-up, costumes

Eijariitta Alhainen
+ 358 400 803 620

Properties, settings, set building

Matti Seppä
+358 400 623 347

Design (Settings-, costume-, graphic design)

Hanna Jussila
+358 40 736 7658

Read more about the Yle’s production services:
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